About Us

Three little girls excitedly return from school. They enter home and are engulfed in their mother’s warm hug, a welcoming whiff of vanilla, butter and cocoa wafting in an ambience that made them eager to share, to bond, to love and to fill the house with the chitter chatter of the day’s on goings. Ting! The bell goes off. Out comes a soft, warm, spongy cake, precariously drawn out of the oven- fresh as can be. The table is laid for an evening tea spread of buttery scones, soft, spongy cakes, and cookies galore for the little girls to devour. Yet another day filled with delicious love, and pleasure that is truly oven fresh!

Born in 1997, out of our family's passion to bake fresh and wholesome goodies, all we want is to keep life’s little pleasures alive in your happy bellies. We have served almost 45 cafes and restaurants across Delhi and Gurgaon and moved into the retail space about 7 years back. Ensuring that we use only high quality ingredients and the best processes we the Pudding & pie family, make an honest promise to serve you goodness in every way.